Here is an introduction to Fritha, my site and channel, as well as what I am planning for the future:





Fritha is a Victoire 822 and was built by the Vader shipyard in Alkmaar, Holland, in 1975. She is the 15th to ever be built and is, bluntly put, one of the best boats out there. Despite her age she is in exraordinary condition and on many occasions I have had real trouble trying to persuade people that she is now 40 years old. Her lines are classy, not like the "floating caravans" that modern shipyards are churning out. She can handle anything you can throw at her, which several rough passages have proven. Another good feature (alhough my dad disagrees!) is that she is the inland version, shorter mast and shorter keel. She won't sail so fast but I'm looking forward to exploring the lochs of the Scottish west coast once she is there.